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Foodcare products

Trusted Supplier

FOODCARE sells a wide variety of products from different origins, carefully selected: food and non-food, drinks, perishables and frozen.

It also exports a wide range of equipment, machinery, accessories and maintenance parts for various activities, such as hotels, catering, hygiene and cleaning, information and quality systems, duly certified.


All products are selected carefully and demandingly, maintaining a high quality/price standard.



(Frequently asked questions)

How to become our supplier?

Satisfy all price, quality and service requirements:

– Present a price that does not deviate by more than 10% from the average of the proposals received

– Demonstrate the ability to meet the specific requirements of the export market

Who do we buy from?

We purchase goods in Portugal and in different parts of the world. We work with prestigious suppliers and brands nationally and worldwide.

How do we ship?

All of our sea or air cargo is shipped directly from the producer or consolidated and shipped through an experienced freight forwarder, thus ensuring greater speed and efficiency throughout the entire logistics operation.

Who are our customers?

We currently work for companies located in Angola.

What do we export?

We export all types of food and non-food, dry, chilled and frozen goods, as well as equipment, auto machinery and their maintenance parts.

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You can count on Foodcare for all your export needs.

We are available to answer all your questions.


Rua José Afonso,10 - A
Lisboa Portugal

Lat. 38.747883, Long. -9.169477



Phone: (+351) 217 221 290 / 5

(call to the national landline network)

Email: foodcare@foodcare.pt